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The FUEL THE BULL Movement

The FUEL THE BULL Movement

Within each and every one of us lies a deep driving passion to reach our true greatness. To chase our dreams with an unshakable force. And to live our one life to the fullest.

This feeling is within all of us. It gives you cold chills and sends your heart beating through your chest. It burns and pounds and constantly reminds us that it is there. You can’t take your mind off of it no matter what. You can call it passion, fire, drive, or whatever you would like. I call it the Bull and it's inside each and every one of us.

Often times though, many of us never truly release the bull within us. We never allow our true passion out in the open so that we may pursue it with everything that we have. Maybe it’s because of the fear of failure or judgement, or the lack of belief within our self, or not knowing where to start, or the influences in our life, or simply because we fear going against the norm.

No matter the reason, the result is all the same. If we don’t release the bull that is within us, it will tear us apart from the inside out. We will go through life wishing we were something else, regretting all the things we did not do, dying little by little each day until we are just a body going through the motions until the internal circuit gives out, never truly living.

I want you to unlock the Bull inside of you and fuel it every single day.

I want you to accomplish all of your goals and achieve all of your dreams.

I want you to find your greatness and help others find theirs. 




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