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What is Theacrine ?

Theacrine is a naturally occurring, small alkaloid molecule that is often times related to caffeine. It appears in many aspects to be synthesized from caffeine or at least be structurally similar. It is found in a variety of plants with camellia assamica, more specifically a tea known as kucha appearing to contain the highest levels in nature.


What are the benefits of Theacrine supplementation?

It has been shown that theacrine has effects that parallel that of caffeine in many ways. There does appear to be a stimulatory effect when used in higher doses, however it interestingly has been shown to have somewhat of a sedative effect if used at lower doses, though this is only an amount typically seen when consumed through tea.

When used in supplemental amounts, theacrine has been shown to provide stimulatory effects similar to that of caffeine. However, one huge differing factor that suggests theacrine to be a superior ingredient is that unlike caffeine, theacrine doesn’t appear to let the body build a tolerance to it. While caffeine has been demonstrated to cause the body to begin building a tolerance in as little as 4 days, theacrine appears to have no such adaptation.

Additionally, theacrine has been shown to have mood elevating effects. It appears to exert these positive effects via increasing dopamine levels in the brain. It also has positive benefits in terms of improving liver function and reducing inflammation, both of which are positive benefits for overall health.

What does the research say?

Here is a look at a few key studies:


Regarding tolerance build-up, one study demonstrated that following a 7 day period of supplementation, subjects who had consumed theacrine daily showed no signs of desensitization. This means that the effects you experience from theacrine will be just as effective each and every time.


When it comes to mood elevating effects, theacrine has been shown in numerous studies to elevate dopamine levels in the brain. In addition, theacrine was also shown in the same studies to to reduce the damaging effects of chronic stress and anxiety on the body.


Lastly, in regards to improved liver function and decreased inflammation, it has been shown that 7 days of theacrine supplementation can significantly reduce inflammation and elevate levels of glutathione. This indicates that a secondary effect of theacrine supplementation can be liver support and systemic reduction in inflammation.


What is the best time to take theacrine? How much do I take?

The best time to take theacrine is whenever you desire a cognitive or energy boost. This can be accomplished with a dosage of 100-300mg. For those looking to take advantage of the sedative effect, a dosage of 25-50mg has been shown to be effective.


Are there any adverse side effects?

Theacrine has been studied in doses of up to 400mg with no adverse reported side effects. However, due to its similar chemical structure to caffeine, the same possible side effects of nervousness, jitters and anxiety are possible with higher doses.


Bottom Line:

Theacrine is an incredible ingredient that has a variety of benefits. From increasing mental focus and energy to supporting increased mood, liver function and reducing inflammation, it is a solid supplement. To summarize, it has been shown to aid in the following positive aspects:


  • Provides a boost in mental energy and reduces perceived fatigue.
  • Shown to improve focus and mental concentration.
  • Enhances mood via dopamine levels.
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent in the body.
  • Can be an effective sedative at low doses (25-50mg).



Ready to try Theacrine?

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