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What is Epicatechin?

Epicatechin is a plant based phytochemical that is classified as a bioactive flavonol. It is found in a large number of foods in trace amount, however it is primarily found in green tea and dark chocolate. The highest levels in food is dark chocolate and contains roughly 3mg of epicatechin per gram.



What are the benefits?

Epicatechin is a strong anti-oxidant and has been shown to have insulin mimicking actions by causing an increase in acetylcholinesterase activity, protecting the osmotic properties of cells. It has also been shown to aid in improving heart health by reducing lipid peroxidation, inhibiting platelet aggregation and causing blood vessel dilation via regulation of nitric oxide.


Lastly and most importantly for those interested in improving body composition, Epicatechin has been shown to help inhibit Myostatin by increasing levels of Follistatin. Myostatin is a type of protein classified as a myokine and limits the amount of muscle growth while Follistatin is another type of protein that inhibits the actions of Myostatin, essentially removing this natural limiter of growth.



What does the research say about Epicatechin?

Here are a few key studies:


There have been multiple studies conducted using Epicatechin for the inhibition of Myostatin. In one such study, researchers used male subjects and gave them a dosage of approximately 170mg per day, which is about 2mg/kg of bodyweight. It was found that at this dosage, there was a marked increase of nearly 50% in Follistatin and a 16.5% decrease in Myostatin.


In another study that examined the effects of Epicatechin on the inhibition of Myostatin, researchers used a similar sample group for their study, this time giving them a dosages of 200mg/day. It was found that in some subjects there was an increase in Follistatin by nearly 250% in a matter of just 5 days.


In regards to heart health, one study in 2007 examined the effects of Epicatechin and its role in improving overall health. It was found that regular supplementation lowered the risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease and diabetes by roughly 10%


Lastly, in another positive factor related to body composition, Epicatechin was used in a 2012 study to examine the effects it has on body composition. It was found that consumption of dark chocolate with a high Epicatechin content appeared to improve participants body composition by promoting fat loss and muscle gain, despite a slightly higher calorie intake.


How much should I take?

Epicatechin is best used when dosed at 1-2mg/kg of bodyweight with the general recommendation being between 150-200mg/day. This is the optimal dose for those looking to maximize the benefits of increased lean muscle building and improved body composition. It may be used indefinitely as there is no need to take a break from use and lastly, a minimum of 4 weeks is recommended should you decide to try it.


Are there any adverse side effects?

Epicatechin is a naturally occurring flavonoid and there have been no reported side effects reported to date.


Ready to try it out?

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