Beta-Alanine is most commonly known has the ingredient in pre-workout supplements that causes a tingling and itching sensation. This is known as paresthesia and is a harmless side effect caused by large doses of Beta-Alanine. 

Beta-Alanine is the precursor to the antioxidant Carnosine. Carnosine acts as an acid buffer in the body. Beta-Alanine has been proven to 

-Increase Muscular Endurance

-Delay Muscle Fatigue

-Increase Lean Muscle Tissue

-Decrease Fat Mass

When Beta-Alanine is ingested it is converted to Carnosine and is then stored within muscle cells in the body. When the PH of the body drops Carnosine is then released to combat the change. Beta-Alanine has been shown to combat the production of lactic acid from exercise. By preventing the build up of lactic acid, you would then delay muscle fatigue. 


The recommended dosage for Beta-Alanine is 2-5 Grams.

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