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Find your BULL and FUEL it everyday

“Fuel the Bull”

The Story Behind the Bull

Posted on 13 January 2018

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Find Your BULL and FUEL it Everyday

Within each and every one of us lies a deep driving passion to reach our true greatness. To chase our dream with an unshakable force. To achieve all of the things we said we would do as a child when things seemed more realistic. This feeling is within all of us. It burns and pounds and constantly reminds us that it is there. You can’t take your mind off of it no matter what. You can call it passion, fire, drive, or whatever you would like. I call it the Bull.


The Bull is trapped inside of all of us. And just like a bull in a cage, this desire will break the cage apart trying to get out. If the bull is released, it sets it sight on red and chases after it with every ounce of its might. Anything in the way of the bull will be moved or destroyed by it. Nothing will stop the bull from chasing down the red in its sights.


Often times though, many of us never truly release the bull within us. We never allow our true passion out in the open so that we may pursue it with everything that we have. Maybe it’s because of the fear of failure or judgement, or the lack of belief within our self, or not knowing where to start, or the influences in our life, or simply because we fear going against the norm. The no matter the reason, the result is all the same. If we don’t release the bull that is caged within us, it will tear us apart from the inside out. We will go through life wishing we were something else, regretting all the things we did not do, dying little by little each day until we are just a body going through the motions until the internet circuit gives out, never truly living.


I know this because I have experienced it within myself. At a very young age I set goals some would say were too big. When I played basketball, I wanted to play in the NBA. When I raced motocross, I wanted to race professionally. These goals have long passed but the regret of never trying has not. Somewhere along this path I lost that confidence and belief in myself. I don’t know the exact day or event that caused me to lose this part of myself. But the day I began to regain it little by little is the day I will never forget. This was the first day I stepped into a gym. I was a skinny kid with little to no confidence within myself. I picked up some weights that day and I knew I would never put them down for good. At first it was fun and a way to release stress, anger, and frustration that had built up but soon transformed into much more. I wanted to get bigger and stronger. I wanted to be better than I was last week. So, I started setting goals. A goal to bench 135. A goal to squat 225. A goal to deadlift 250. A goal to do 20 pullups in a row. The first goal seemed the most unrealistic but once I hit it, I now believed the other goals might be possible. After each goal I hit, I became more confident within myself and being able to achieve the goals I set didn’t seem so unrealistic anymore. This mentality then transferred into other aspects of my life. At the time, I was going to school for construction engineering but didn’t have a clue as to why. I could care less about construction and spent most of my time working out or learning more about fitness and health while I should have been studying for the Strengths of Materials test I had the next day. So, one day I listened to myself and never went back. I knew I wanted to pursue something in the fitness and health field but didn’t exactly know what. In the meantime, I knew I needed to get a job because I was no longer in school and needed a source of income. So, I searched different websites and job listings but nothing caught my interest. I was frustrated sitting on my couch when the idea came to my head. There was a supplement store that was a 45 minute drive away from my house but did not have any listings for job openings. Something within me forced me to get up and drive there right that second. I walked in and asked if they were hiring and to my surprise one of the employees was leaving in 2 weeks and they were needing to fill his position soon. So, I gave them my information. The next day I received a phone call and was hired. I was excited about this job. I was interested in the field. I was eager to learn and eager to share what I had learned in hopes to help someone else along with their fitness journey. But as time went on the more I learned the more I discovered what was wrong with this business and what was lacking within. This is when I decided I would open my own supplement store. One that is built on quality products with honest advice from knowledgeable experienced individuals. I wrote down “open a supplement store” in August 2016 and I opened the doors of JB Sports Nutrition March 2017. I set that goal and I achieved it. This would have never happened without the mindset I developed through fitness and the constant support of my girlfriend Natalie Underberg. This is not the end. This is simply a chapter in my book that I hope can help inspire others to chase after their dreams.


If we can fuel the bull little by little every day, then one day there will come a moment when it becomes strong enough to break free. When this day comes, every single moment moving forward will be spent chasing down the red within your sights.



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