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Insulin Part 2: Optimizing Glycogen

Now that we have established some of key timing methods for using carbohydrates, we can go into more detail on the application behind it. I’m a firm believer for many people who are at least 15 or older to routinely have a health physical performed accompanied by lab work. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 23, but it had been clinically silent for years prior. I would have never known of it till I bought my own personal glucometer and tested myself over three consecutive days. During this time, I followed a low carbohydrate diet to even see if my levels would drop some. I ended up averaging right above 200 for the entire weekend (normal is 80-120). I had a few symptoms that I recognized that as atypical of what was normal for me:

1. Unexplained weight loss.
2. Waking up every hour to use the restroom
3. Severe thirst
4. Uncontrollable fatigue
5. Unusual taste in my mouth

Ever since I have educated myself more with what my body can handle with nutrition I discovered a lot of do’s and don’ts. Along with taking two forms of insulin since my initial diagnosis, I’ve also added something into my daily regimen to see if there would be any effect or possible positive changes in stabilizing my levels.

Performax labs Slin Max was the addition. I was skeptical in the beginning for two reasons: 1) it being an oral supplement and 2) realistically I always was told that I would only respond to injectable forms of insulin. Slin Max reacted in a positive way to my ending results. I checked my blood sugar levels at five different times of the day. I would test fasting in the morning, thirty minutes before training, immediately post training, two hours post my heaviest carbohydrate based meal, and thirty minutes before bed. I calculated that at all these times within this week my averages had dropped between 15-20 points in comparison with the five different times. The biggest impact was my fasting morning numbers. I usually would fall close to 140-150 every morning.

Slin Max helped reduce this number to under 120. This in itself was so major for me. I would wake up with more energy and had an increase in my morning appetite. I was completely sold on this product when I did my lab work after the three months of incorporating it. My A1C numbers (average blood sugar levels over a 2-3 month period) had went from 7.8 down to 6.0. The normal for non-diabetics is 4.6-5.4 and for diabetics under 6.5 is optimal. Slin Max kept my body functioning within a normal environment with less imposing factors in my kidney function.

I know for me to get this response was hard for me to comprehend from something supplemental and over the counter. I feel even the normal candidate could get even stronger results than myself since their body has healthy receptors to re-uptake free circulating forms of glucose. I recommend testing as well with blood sugar levels before taking and then after incorporation. I’m big on scientific data to back research especially in the supplemental market and always intriguing with the results rendered.

-Performax Labs

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