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What is NovaPump™?

NovaPump™ is a cutting-edge vasodilator and nitric oxide pre workout supplement scientifically formulated to throttle performance and amplify muscle pumps.


Conventional pump pre workouts rely on a rather “standard” mix of citrulline, arginine, and glycerol to boost nitric oxide production and enhance blood flow. While this offers an adequate solution to pumps and performance, “adequate” is not in InnovaPharm’s vocabulary.


To create a truly one-of-a-kind pump pre workout, we invested countless hours in R&D to create a formula that is innovative, and, above all, effective!

NovaPump™ attacks the problem of increasing blood flow from multiple fronts to create a formula that results in unabated nitric oxide production, blood flow, and muscle pumps.


Who is NovaPump™ for?

NovaPump™ is 100% free of banned substances, and can be taken by any athlete, weightlifter, or casual gym rat (male or female) seeking improved performance, reduced fatigue, and of course, bigger, nastier, longer-lasting muscle pumps.


NovaPump™ contains NO stimulants and can be used on its own or stacked with your favorite stimulant-inclusive pre workout such as Limitless or NovaRage Xtreme.


It’s perfect for those late night training sessions when you want a boost in performance but don’t want to deal with the disrupted sleep. NovaPump™ is also great for those times you may be cycling off stimulants all together.


Regardless, NovaPump™ is your anytime, anywhere pump pre workout solution.


Benefits of NovaPump™ At-A-Glance

  • Enhances nitric oxide production

  • Boosts power output

  • Promotes greater blood flow

  • Improves nutrient delivery to working muscles

  • Fatigue resistance

  • Supports cardiovascular health

  • Limits arginase activity

  • Supports healthy blood pressure


NovaPump™ Ingredients

Citrulline Malate (8g)

Formed from a combination of L-Citrulline and malic acid, citrulline malate is a powerful nitric oxide booster and ergogenic aid scientifically proven to enhance blood flow and exercise performance.


What makes citrulline malate such an effective NO booster is its ability to increase blood levels of arginine -- the “fuel” for nitric oxide production. For years, L-arginine was viewed as the best means to increased blood levels of the amino acid. However, L-arginine suffers from terrible bioavailability and is subject to breakdown by the enzyme arginase.


L-Citrulline, however, is able to navigate the treacherous path through the stomach, bypassing arginase, and subsequently is converted to arginine and used to fuel your nitric oxide engine.[1]


The result of this enhanced NO production is greater vasodilation, blood flow, vascularity and PUMPS!


Citrulline malate also increases oxygen utilization during exercise, thereby boosting performance, and it also reduces feelings of muscle fatigue and soreness after training.[2,3]

GlycerPump™ (4g)

Glycerol supplements have been a mainstay in sports nutrition for a number of years due to glyercol’s ability to enhance cellular hydration and stamina. However, glycerol supplements of yesteryear suffered from three big problems:


  • They contained a relatively low amount of actual glycerol (~25% by mass, with the remaining 75% being composed of saturated fat)

  • Poor shelf stability (i.e. spoilage)

  • Clumping which resulted in either chunks of undissolved powder in your shaker or cemented balls of powder in your tub of pre workout causing you to throw away the entire container.


Enter GlycerPump™ with its proprietary spray drying technology that eliminates the problems of previous glycerol supplements.


GlycerPump™ is a shelf-stable glycerol supplement containing 65% pure glycerol by weight that mixes seamlessly, will not clump and won’t affect the taste of your supplements.


GlycerPump™ helps your muscles pull in additional water, improving hydration, cell volumization, nutrient uptake, and endurance. You’ll also experience greater muscle fullness and some killer “water-based” pumps, too!


Super Spinach® (1g)

Super Spinach® is a premium-quality extract of red spinach leaf that’s packed full of potent natural blood flow enhancers.


This nitric oxide-boosting extract helps to support healthy blood pressure, promote blood flow and nutrient delivery, increase stamina and reduce fatigue. In fact, Super Spinach® may provide 50x more nitric oxide than beet juice and 4x more nitric oxide than the leading beet root extract. Let’s not forget that the result of these actions is enhanced performance and ventilatory threshold along with some serious muscle pumps![4]


But don’t take our word for it, take a look at what a batch of recent studies have to say about supplementing with Super Spinach®.


In a 2016 study, red spinach extract was clinically proven to enhance nitric oxide levels and keep them elevated for 24 hours![5] And most recently, a study noted that that supplementing with 1 gram of Super Spinach® (the exact same dose included in NovaPump™) significantly reduced time-to-completion and increased measures of power and speed.[6]


Agmatine Sulfate (1g)

Derived from L-arginine, agmatine is a powerful neuromodulator and nitric oxide extender.


What do we mean by “extender”?


Essentially, agmatine prolongs the NO-boosting effects of citrulline malate by inhibiting arginase, the enzyme that degrades arginine.[7]


By limiting arginase activity, arginine levels remain elevated for greater amounts of time, allowing for stronger, more sustained nitric oxide production. In other words, agmatine helps deliver pumps that last long after you’ve left the gym!


Recent anecdotal evidence shows that Agmatine Sulfate may also provide nutrient partitioning effects.


PegaPump™ (250mcg)

PegaPump™ is another breakthrough pump and performance ingredient included in NovaPump™.


PegaPump™ is an aqueous extract of Peganum Harmala standardized for the specific alkaloids that promote vasorelaxant and cardiovascular benefits, including the beta-carbolines Harmine, Harmaline and Harmalol.


Peganum Harmala is used extensively around the world in the treatment of a number of cardiovascular disorders including hypertension and heart disease.[8] In fact, various studies have noted that the alkaloids present in PegaPump™[9,10,11,12]:


  • Decrease systemic arterial blood pressure

  • Reduce total peripheral vascular resistance

  • Increase peak aortic flow

  • Exert vasorelaxant effects (making blood vessels more “flexible”)

  • Angiogenic inhibitory effects

  • Neuroprotective

  • Antibacterial and antimicrobial


This makes PegaPump™ not only a great ingredient for muscle pumps, but also for cardiovascular health and performance. And the only place to get it, is NovaPump™!


NovaPump™ Dosing

Consume ½ to 1 scoop mixed with 10-16 ounces of water 15-30 minutes prior to training.


For best results, use daily on an empty stomach.



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