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04 Oct 2022

Dieting 101

Dieting 101
Losing weight (fat) can occur through many different methods. Ultimately it comes down to an individual intaking fewer calories than they burn for the day, week, and further more month. If you end the day in a negative energy balance (you burned 3000 calories and only consumed 2500 calories) then 500 calories was burned from your bodies energy stores (fat). Doing this consistently will translate into weightloss.
This can be achieved through many methods. For example you can add in additional exercise (cardio or a second lifting session) so that you are now burning more calories.
You could give yourself a smaller feeding window such as only eating 8 hours of the day in hopes it would cause you to eat fewer calories. This is known as intermittent fasting.
You could practice a low carbohydrate diet such as the Ketogenic diet where by lowering a macronutrient (carbs) that is easily over consumed and adding in more fats which tend to be more filling and less likely to be over consumed, you intake fewer calories.
You could practice an elimination diet such as a vegan or carnivore diet where by removing certain food groups you would likely intake fewer calories.
You could replace a higher calorie meal with a lower calorie protein shake.
All of these methods will be effective for producing weightloss as long as they cause an individual to intake fewer calories than they are burning (or burn more than they are intaking however you want to look at it). The best method for you is the one that is the easiest to implement and most sustainable for the long term!

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